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  • Electronic Journals: A Selected Resource Guide is an introduction to the rapidly growing field of electronic journals. The sources are spread broadly across the library literature, and this guide attempts to select a representative, but not exhaustive, group of publications that cover the history of e-journals and the main issues involved in their production, management and use. The guide also suggests starting points for more in-depth investigations, and includes sources for keeping current with ongoing developments in electronic journals.

  • Evaluating Sources of Information

  • Information Quality WWW Virtual Library is an internet guide to construction of quality online resources. Resources in this site include online resources relevant for evaluation, development and administration of high quality factual/scholarly networked information systems.

  • WINISIS Manuals find manuals of WINISIS and other free software.


  • Ariadne (Qly) describes and evaluates sources and services available on the internet, and of potential use, to librarians and information professionals. Also reports library developments in UK and information services worldwide.

  • ASIS Bulletin (BM) here each issue, usually deals with a theme or topic, e.g., hypertext, telecommunications, laws related to storage technology, etc.

  • Biomedical Digital Libraries is an open access journal, which provides access to articles on all aspects of digital library in biomedical settings.

  • Cybermetrics international electronic journal devoted to bibliometrics, scientometircs and informatrics. It is both an Electronic-only Journal and a Virtual Forum (The Journal) devoted to the study of the quantitative analysis of scholarly and scientific communications.

  • D-Lib (M) is a magazine about research and development in digital libraries.

  • Digital Document Quarterly is a magazine about digital preservation.

  • E-JASL: The Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship is a refereed electronic journal publishes three times a year. Covers topics on advancing knowledge and research in the areas of academic and special librarianship.

  • Ex-Libris (W) is a weekly electronic newsletter for librarians from Marylaine Block. It covers articles, internet info etc.

  • Firstmonday is a peer-reviewed journal solely devoted to the Internet.

  • Information Research: An international electronic journal is a free, international, scholarly journal, dedicated to making freely accessible the results of research across a wide range of information-related disciplines. It has been indexed by LISA and Information Science Abstracts.

  • Information Technology and Libraries is a quarterly publication, brought out by LITA. Abstrcts and TOC is available from Vol.1, 1982, but full text of good number of papers are available from 1999.

  • Information Today and Tomorrow (Qly) has been brought out by NISSAT, India. The contents include information on new tools and techniques, events concluded and announcements, interesting Internet sites, new database products and services.

  • Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship [ISTL] publishes substantive material of interest to science and technology librarians.

  • Journal of Electronic Publishing covers most of the issues related to electronic publishing.

  • Journal of Information Law and Technology covers a range of topics relating to IT law and applications. It contains a diversity of materials including peer reviewed and non-refereed articles, commentaries, work in progress articles, book and IT reviews, and conference reports and papers, as well as information papers, news and UK and global conferences.

  • Journal of the Medical Libraries Association here full text of articles are available from 2000 to present and contents and abstracts are available from 1996-1999. Formerly this journal was known as 'Bulletin of the Medical Library Association.

  • Libri provides full text access to articles from 1999.

  • Research Information covers good feature articles on various aspects of information science, electronic publishing, etc.

  • Webology is a scholarly journal in English devoted to the various fields of Library and Information Science and serves as a forum for discussion and experimentation. It serves as a forum for new research in information dissemination and communication processes in general, and in the context of the World Wide Web in particular.

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  • Academicinfo.net is an independent Internet subject directory compiled and maintained by Mike Madin with the assistance of a volunteer group of subject specialists. It lists quality online educational resources.

  • Academicresources.net provides research and reference information on the Web for students and professionals. Also links to journals, reference sites, libraries, research institutes, universities, government sites, databases and other sources.

  • Acqweb is a place for librarians and other professionals interested in acquisitions and collection development.

  • Asian Resources for Librarians provides links to articles in LIS and Asian library and information centers, associations, digital libraries, etc.

  • Bloomsburrymagazine.com Research Centre is a free online database of reference books. Over 17,000 entries are cross-referenced providing wealth of information all linked and all fully indexed.

  • BUBL: Bulletin Board for Libraries

  • Catlogers Learning Workshop is a clearinghouse portal for cataloging and metadata training resources for information workers. The scope of Cataloger's Learning Workshop includes bibliographic information training in the context of formal library and information science degree programs, as well as continuing education for library practitioners.

  • Conservation Online [CoOL] is a project of the Preservation Department of Stanford University Libraries, is a full text library of conservation information, covering a wide spectrum of topics of interest to those involved with the conservation of library, archives and museum materials.

  • Designing Libraries: A public libraries building database is a database of public library buildings in UK. They welcome entries from outside UK.

  • Digital-Librarian is a librarian's choice of the best of the web on various topics.

  • Education Index is an annotated guide to the best education-related sites on the Web. They're sorted by subject and lifestage, so you can find what you're looking for quickly and easily.

  • Free E-mail providers Guide provides information on over 1,300 free e-mail providers in more than 85 countries. It also contains listings of other free eCommunications services, such as ISPs, fax, long-distance calls, voicemail, online Storage, etc.

  • Freetranslation.com is online machine translation service has a few things going for it that make it the first choice for this type of translation. It attempts translates entire phrases instead of words. Currently translates English to French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Norwegian and French, Spanish, and German to English.

  • GATS and the libraries provides links to readings about the likely impact on libraries of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), which is modified, renegotiated, and entered into by national governments at meetings of the WTO.

  • Infolink: New Jersey Library Network
  • INFOMINE: Scholarly Internet Resource Collections

  • Internet Library for Librarians
  • Internet Public Library
  • Internet SCOUT Project

  • JournalSeek is the largest completely categorized database of freely available journal information available on the internet. The database presently contains 60458 titles. Journal information includes the description (aims and scope), journal abbreviation, journal homepage link, subject category and ISSN.

  • Library Instruction site contains library instruction lesson plans, articles about library instruction, a large library instruction bibliography, and links to library instruction resources. This site also includes material relating to information literacy.

  • Library Success is a best practices wiki.

  • Law Library Resource Xchange

  • LibDocs is a database of documents on the Internet of interest to librarians.

  • Liblicense: Licensing Digital Information provides very good information and resources for librarians on the aspects of licensing digital information. Also hosts popular liblicense discussion list.

  • Library Link: Online information forum for librarians provides online information and discussion forum for librarians, researchers, lecturers, students - anyone with an interest in the field of information management.

  • Library law it focuses on legal issues of interest to libraries, such as copyright, privacy and the First Amendment.

  • Libraryspot.com is a free virtual library resource center for educators and students, librarians and their patrons, families, businesses and just about anyone exploring the Web for valuable research information.

  • LIS-Career offers career development resources for new librarians and information professionals.

  • ODLIS: Online Dictionary of Library and Information Science provides meanings to most of the technical terms used in day to day work of library and information science professionals. It is an excellent resource for the working professionals, faculty and students.

  • Open Directory Reference: Libraries-Library and Information Science it includes: professional resources for librarians, i.e., resources which assist librarians in carrying out their duties; resources for librarians' personal professional development; and resources related to the academic discipline of library and information studies.

  • Professional resources for Librarian's on the WWW

  • Reference: Best source for facts on the net

  • Resources for Methods in Evaluation and Social Research provides information on how to do evaluation research and the methods used: surveys, focus groups, sampling, interviews, and other methods.

  • Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography presents selected articles, books, electronic documents, and other sources that are useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing efforts on the Internet and other networks.

  • Technical Processing Online Tools [TPOT] provides access to excellent resource required for technical service departments of the library viz. Acquisitions, Cataloguing, Preservation and Public services resources.

  • TechXtra It provides quick and reliable access to the best engineering, mathematics, and computing information available on the Internet.

  • Virtual Reference Desk provides help to academic researchers on a variety of topics.

  • Virtual Reference Desk [VRD] can help to find information and answers to questions about school subjects, fascinating facts, research topics, and more! The Virtual Reference Desk can help to connect with experts by using the AskA tabs in the Learning Center.

  • Web Based Resources provides links to free access full text electronic journals and selected websites in different subject areas.

  • World List of Departments and Schools of Information Studies, Information Management, Information Systems, etc aims to cover Departments, Schools and courses in the 'information sector' in general.

  • WWW Virtual Library

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